Release Notes -  OC Enterprise - Version


  • [ENT-1149] Usage Upload Overview tile modified to include last uploaded date for each usage type in tooltip
  • [ENT-1160] Store by Store comparison page modified to show popup on click instead of tooltip on hover
  • [ENT-1062] Added Pending Sales Report to show store level pending sales

Bug Fixes

  • [ENT-1094] Usage Upload overview tile when selecting no region store group does not load correctly
  • [ENT-1104] Generate periods doesn't properly break into the next year
  • [ENT-1119] Recipe Set Config page added default list item for the Reset Configuration to have initially
  • [ENT-1130] Issue with validation on supplier deletion when used in case sizes
  • [ENT-1175] Item Detail page was showing deleted case sizes
  • [ENT-1165] Product page missing taxed price when using tax group
  • [ENT-1107] Issue adding new allergen using name of deleted allergen
  • [ENT-1108] Issue adding new category using name of deleted category
  • [ENT-1109] Issue adding new inventory group using name of deleted inventory group
  • [ENT-1110] Issue adding new sales group using name of deleted sales group
  • [ENT-1111] Issue adding new supplier using name of deleted supplier