Release Notes -  OC Enterprise - Version

Bug Fixes

  • [ENT-841] Recipe Set Configuration should retain selected type after save
  • [ENT-1067] Purchase Detail By Item doesn't maintain supplier filter in Store drilldown
  • [ENT-1091] Case Size page not displaying taxed price for actual cost
  • [ENT-1094] Upload overview tile when selecting no region stores do not load correctly
  • [ENT-1101] Approve pending entity on Item page doesn't approve current case size
  • [ENT-1114] Product page not displaying taxed price and not saving correctly
  • [ENT-1121] Recipe Instructions document sometimes doesn't load into editor
  • [ENT-1127] Prep Recipe detail report not showing the correct batch unit
  • [ENT-1130] Issue with check on supplier deletion when used in case sizes
  • [ENT-1134] Issue with validation in case size page when the case or pak qty has a conversion conflict
  • [ENT-1135] Issue when uploading a catering event multiple times