Release Notes - OC Enterprise - Version

New Feature

  • [ENT-1262] - Preference to alert on dashboard when item costing hasn't been run for the company in # of days
  • [ENT-991] - Added search filter to Store index page
  • [ENT-994] - Added Invoice Account Balances report


  • [ENT-1045] - Duplicate Item description detection enhancements in item page
  • [ENT-1180] - Updated Period index page table style
  • [ENT-1163] - Approve Pending Items page overhaul to use newer index style
  • [ENT-1188] - Approve Pending Items page add filters to search

Bug Fixes

  • [ENT-982] - Create supplier validation error multi-concept only
  • [ENT-1328] - Usage Summary Overview should only allow period date range selection
  • [ENT-1337] - Prep with batch yield using unit from conversion doesn't have correct cost when added as ingredient
  • [ENT-1338] - Item Recipe Management page should exclude ignored recipes from ingredient list
  • [ENT-1339] - Default Conversion page removes row when hitting enter in quantity field
  • [ENT-1340] - Recipe Book page guard against apostrophe in item description
  • [ENT-1341] - Case Size Overview should only check for duplicate order code when modified
  • [ENT-1133] - Duplicate order code check should exclude ignored case sizes
  • [ENT-1343] - Prep edit page fields labels and values are not aligned vertically for none-editable ones
  • [ENT-1347] - Item Costing should only update the item unit cost if the updated case size is the current case size
  • [ENT-1158] - Store page validation for unique identifier needs proper message.