Release Notes - OC Pro - v5.0.1.1201


  • Improved Enterprise Synchronization performance and reduced server load
  • Modified Enterprise Usage Uploader to prevent errors and reduce server load


  • New filter in Product Overview for active/inactive products and group
  • Created Inventory Interface for Bluestreak
  • Re-implemented Order Forecasting to allow selection of history to use when calculating item usage for suggested ordering quantity in reports and order creation


  • Recipe Set Installer now synchronizes items/preps/products with the same procedure as in utilities
  • Tax definitions may now have negative percentages and values
  • Daily Sales Calendar now shows gross sales

Bug Fixes

  • Peachtree Accounting Export Configuration File Headers were in wrong section
  • Select all in Accounting Export view only checked off the currently visible invoices
  • Accounting Export file would not include extension from specification
  • Daily Sales totals would sometimes not validate correctly due to rounding
  • Daily Sales account transactions now save the date of the sale instead of the creation date

  • Prep/Product recipe image would sometimes not load from file path
  • Prep/Product would mark the view as modified while refreshing with no changes present
  • Convertible UOM calculation would occasionally produce a divide by zero error
  • Save action would occasionally produce an error message
  • Views with limited access occasionally produce an error when opening

  • Deleted default case size at store level would cause the recipe set import to fail
  • Store level Product PLU would conflict with imported Product PLU causing the recipe set to fail
  • Item ingredient using a new UOM conversion would sometimes cause recipe set to fail
  • Prep would not properly set the primary location when included on count sheet
  • Product price level would sometimes be saved as inactive preventing it form linking in sales import
  • Regional suppliers would get an error if the current/default case size's supplier wasn't included in the region for the importing store
  • Re-running sales did not trigger an enterprise upload
  • Cloud icon would continuously spin and never complete due to usage deleted while uploading
  • Cloud icon now shows expired uploads in failed uploads count
  • Daily Sales with deleted category would fail to upload
  • Invoice received from order that was created from order guide would fail to upload

  • Buffet now scrolls content correctly

  • Order exports using system date format would cause an invalid export file name
  • Invoices combine duplicate expense lines when importing from file
  • Invoice lines now check for a unit of measure with the exact short description before handling fallback values for CA and EA
  • Invoice tab totals now refresh properly on opening a new invoice
  • Invoice total validation would sometimes not validate correctly due to rounding
  • Invoice lines are now prevented from having a negative unit cost
  • Invoice price variance percentage was calculating incorrectly

  • Resetting a Waste function would cause the previous usage to be moved into the newly created Waste
  • Waste line unit cost would sometimes be incorrect if the default recipe unit uses a conversion

  • Replacing an ingredient through the Item Recipe Management view would not properly calculate quantity when using conversions
  • Case Size conversion conflicts were appearing incorrectly in the Synchronize results
  • Item reporting UOMs with no conversion were not being reported in the Synchronize results