Release Notes - OC Pro - Version



  • [OC-3101] - Added Invoice Import Purge Popup
  • [OC-3112] - Added notification for recipe set availability

Bug Fixes


  • [OC-3117] - Item Allergens not saving correctly.
  • [OC-3118] - Setting "No Nutritional Significance" flag not saving correctly.
  • [OC-3119] - Freepour/Bluestreak import not saving imported counts correctly.
  • [OC-3088] - Invoice Account Balance Calculation issue when distributing tax amount to item's account
  • [OC-3113] - Invoice Import when adding case size for invalid line would sometimes cause the line to disappear when processing the invoice
  • [OC-3109] - Invoice validation issue when changing selected supplier back to "[Select Supplier]" would still allow save
  • [OC-3105] - Item View when changing conversion amounts the recipe and reporting units should refresh conversion factor
  • [OC-3094] - Tax validation would sometimes pass unique tax code check which causes the save to fail
  • [OC-3100] - Invoice Import implied decimal calculation not correct when more than 2 decimal places
  • [OC-3106] - Utility Synchronize Data should check invalid conversions for default ingredient unit
  • [OC-3084] - Order Creation by Forecast not applying adjust for quantity on hand check
  • [OC-3085] - Recipe Set Installation not re-enabling setup objects if deleted at store level
  • [OC-3107] - Order Creation by Forecast doesn't round to case when also adjusting for quantity on hand
  • [OC-2588] - Invoice Import Error popup check for permissions before create item and create case size