Release Notes - OC Pro - Version


  • [OC-3620] Optimized loading speed of inventory calendar
  • [OC-3613] Optimized loading speed of inventory summary

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-3593] Issue with add case size from external view doesn't trigger modified on edit in items view
  • [OC-3594] Issue with case size conversion conflict warning would sometimes warn about conversion despite matching in items view
  • [OC-3595] Waste view print function not working correctly
  • [OC-3596] Issue with Inventory Adjustment on multiple count sheet inventory where summary page doesn't refresh until re-open
  • [OC-3597] IRM view filter for sales group doesn't populate
  • [OC-3599] Cost of Sales Tile always missing last category
  • [OC-3600] Report View issue where multi-select filters wouldn't filter report correctly
  • [OC-3582] Prep/Product view would sometimes not display ingredient popup the first time
  • [OC-3601] Order Worksheet view wont open orders made from event order sources
  • [OC-3590] Report View issue when using the multi-select filters would cause issues in other views
  • [OC-3598] Forecast Order in Reports View not handling supplier filter correctly
  • [OC-3605] Issue in items view when switching case sizes would sometimes encounter error
  • [OC-3619] Issue with ingredient nutrition page not showing linked food description
  • [OC-3616] Issue with Forecast Order Sheet by Volume report would sometimes get error
  • [OC-3618] Items view issue when closed while loading selected item would sometimes encounter error
  • [OC-3615] Issue in Item Classification Editor when adjusting primary locations would sometimes not save correctly
  • [OC-3612] Issue in Items view when refreshing convertible UOMs would sometimes encounter error
  • [OC-3590] Menu Engineering Worksheet error from product sale with 0 quantity sold
  • [OC-3626] Budget Variance Detail report missing percentages on totals