Release Notes - OC Pro - Version


  • [OC-3883] - Additional fields for supplier added to available fields in Accounting Export Configuration Wizard
  • [OC-3899] - US nutrition label format specifications updated


  • [OC-3825] - Invoice Import when validating units of measure should be case insensitive
  • [OC-3830] - Invoice expense when adding account the drop down list should only show active accounts
  • [OC-3831] - POS Import Configuration when using tab delimiter cannot process file
  • [OC-3834] - Nutrition Reference import doesn't save nutrient definitions correctly if updated
  • [OC-3849] - Waste view print command doesn't load report
  • [OC-3871] - Purchase Detail by Item report  sometimes encounters overflow error calculating unit cost
  • [OC-3875] - New Inventory dialog when creating by group is missing groups containing only preps
  • [OC-3896] - Recipe Set Installation of item configured with keep local on conversions and reporting UOM causing import to fail
  • [OC-3901] - Invoice Import for file with multiple invoices should only mark the file imported when all invoices complete
  • [OC-3906] - Inventory Order Form report not sorting items in correct order