Release Notes - OC Pro - Version

New Features

  •     [OC-3336] - Added Backup Reminder pop-up when closing application
  •     [OC-3827] - Added Key Product option to Products

  •     [OC-3751] - Recipe Book reports moved to a standalone view to print and export recipe instructions
  •     [OC-4069] - Added Key Product parameter to reports showing Products


  • [OC-3915] - Case Size Overview - Added validation for duplicate order codes and barcodes
  • [OC-4054] - Alphabetized Dashboard tile list
  • [OC-4057] - Added missing descriptions for Dashboard tiles
  • [OC-4090] - UOMs - Added validation to check if a UOM is used in a Conversion
  • [OC-4185] - Batch Scaling - Changed print to use same approach as Recipe Books

  • [OC-3672] - Increased database field length for Invoice Number to accommodate 50 characters

  • [OC-3846] - Menu Engineering Worksheet - Made headers sortable
  • [OC-4104] - Purchase Detail by Item - Increased size available for the "Invoice Number" field
  • [OC-3498] - Enabled control of access to barcode and nutrition labels through Access Levels


  • [OC-3366] - Store - POS Departments now allows adding additional IDs after deleting one
  • [OC-3578] - Product Overview - Now allows focus to change from a field containing a duplicate POS ID duplicate with an inactive product
  • [OC-3675] - Dashboard Tiles - Fixed selection of multiple dates in Pending Sales tile
  • [OC-3980] - Prep Par Levels - Include on Prep Sheets check box now working correctly
  • [OC-3997] - Items - Locations page correctly updates Primary Location when it is changed from the Core Information area
  • [OC-4045] - Items - Now allows multiple Case Sizes to be added at once before saving
  • [OC-4089] - Synchronize - No longer appears to hang when the Sales Import view has recently been opened
  • [OC-4125] - Import/Export Setup Wizard - Specification settings page now has a proper title
  • [OC-4245] - Preps/Products - Fixed issue where ingredient total costs were not refreshing properly for in some cases
  • [OC-4248] - Items - Fixed occasional error message when duplicating an Item
  • [OC-3576] - Accounting preferences - All options for Month End Treatment now work as intended
  • [OC-3960] - Count sheet Reports - Column header for "Recipe unit" now matches on screen UI

  • [OC-3978] - Recipe set installation for preps set to default location as primary location removes secondary locations set locally
  • [OC-4251] - Fixed an error message on start-up when enterprise URL not found in configuration file.
  • [OC-4255] - Primary Locations for Items are now correctly set when imported in a Recipe Set
  • [OC-4256] - Current Case Size is maintained when installing Recipe Set with Case Sizes set to 'Update'

  • [OC-3938] - Catering - Prep List report now shows correct quantities for recipes
  • [OC-4070] - Catering - Generating a Prep List no longer causes an error when no group is selected for the Catering event
  • [OC-4082] - Catering - Shopping List quantities are now calculated correctly for Items with Track Inventory turned off

  • [OC-3475] - UOM Aliases - Now correctly lines up the start and end positions of the text fields
  • [OC-3587] - Invoices - Now correctly asks to save changes when drilling into an Invoice from a report
  • [OC-3658] - Orders - 'Set Received' now correctly updates 'Status' in the Order list
  • [OC-4080] - Orders - Forecasted Order report now correctly handles the Include Items Below Par Levels option
  • [OC-4254] - Orders - Export now correctly uses Store ID instead of Location for the Store field
Purchasing Import
  • [OC-3844] - No longer appends extra expense lines after reprocessing and fixing invalid lines
  • [OC-3932] - Fixed intermittent error message when repeatedly opening invalid invoices
  • [OC-3962] - Price change popup now shows old and new prices correctly
  • [OC-3984] - Fixed error message when fixing invalid lines from an imported EDI file containing expense lines
  • [OC-4249] - Fixed issue where an error message would appear intermittently when saving multiple invoices in a row

  • [OC-3580] - Individual Item - No longer displays deleted Case Sizes
  • [OC-3592] - Core Nutrition - Fixed error when a line did not contain a value for the Calories nutrient
  • [OC-3832] - Item Activity report showing incorrect quantity on hand for items not yet inventoried
  • [OC-3975] - Account Activity Overview  - Now shows item usage correctly
  • [OC-3983] - Forecasted Order by Days - Now displays Average Usage per Day properly
  • [OC-4067] - Purchase Summary - by Supplier - Avg Price column is now calculated correctly
  • [OC-4111] - Sales Mix by Product - No longer doubles sales totals

  • [OC-3378] - Ignore list - Shift key can now be used to select multiple list entries
  • [OC-3654] - Sales - Now correctly asks to save changes when clicking New
  • [OC-3837] - Sales Import - Fixed issue where un-link action for a line with a mismatched status doesn't complete