Release Notes - OC Pro - Version

New Features

  • [OC-3771] - Dead Stock - new report that shows items on hand that haven't been purchased or used since the selected date
  • [OC-3772] - Over Stock - new report that shows how many more periods stock will last based on average usage over selected date range

  • [OC-4140] - Order Approval - added preference to enable orders to require approval before being exported
  • [OC-4182] - Order Selection - added command to approve order for export when order approval enabled
  • [OC-4183] - Access Level - added restriction for approve order command in order selection list


  • [OC-4326] - Standard Canadian Nutrition Label - updated layout to match new specifications

  • [OC-3586] - Invoice Account Balances - added drilldown report on account to open Purchase Detail - By Account

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-4188] - Item - now validates supplier before switching case sizes
  • [OC-4201] - Periods - issue on save after deleting new periods has been sourced and fixed
  • [OC-4205] - Store POS Department - on save now properly validates blank values
  • [OC-4259] - Prep - issue after selecting recipe UOM without UOM type set has been sourced and fixed
  • [OC-4292] - Prep Par Levels - issue on save when region set to French language has been sourced and fixed
  • [OC-4339] - Recipes - issue with duplicate ingredients on load has been sourced and fixed

  • [OC-4062] - Count sheet - on refresh the filters will now retain their values

  • [OC-3430] - New Order Popup - now shows spinner while loading order guide
  • [OC-3677] - Order Reminder Tile - default values for filter popup now populate correctly
  • [OC-4064] - Credit Reconciliation - clicking "Outstanding Credits" button multiple now does not leave screen blurred
  • [OC-4206] - Order - new order will now prompt to save changes before continuing
  • [OC-4334] - Order Selection - the status will now refresh correctly after status is changed

  • [OC-4077] - Catering Usage Analysis - now displays the correct value for "Total Sales" and "Total Cost"
  • [OC-4078] - Daily Sales - increased space on report so category name displays properly
  • [OC-4079] - Product Cost Over Time - changed header "% to Price" to "Cost %"
  • [OC-4176] - Report - search popup now properly applies restrictions based on access level
  • [OC-4177] - Purchase Summary - By Supplier - supplier name header now appears on each page
  • [OC-4178] - Purchase Summary - By Supplier - supplier icon and checkbox should now always appear on same page
  • [OC-4275] - Core Nutrition - reduced width to fit on one page
  • [OC-4320] - Catering Analysis - now displays the correct value for "Total Gratuity" in "Summary"

  • [OC-4197] - Sales - exclude once will now correctly reduce the category sales amount in daily sales