Backup Database

If your computer hard drive crashes and your data is on the local drive, there will be no way to recover this. We recommend backing up often (minimum of once per week) and use an online storage folder or thumb-drive.

To Create a Backup:

  1. Select "Backup" (right side of the upper menu band)
  2. Click "..." to choose the location for the backup.
  3. Select "Backup"
  4. Once the backup is complete, click "Close (X)" to exit the backup.

To Restore a Backup

  1. Click "Close (X)" to exit Optimum Control.
  2. Reopen Optimum Control.
  3. Select "Restore Backup (bottom left of the login screen).
  4. Click "..." to browse the available backups.
  5. Select the backup file to restore.
  6. Click "Restore"

If the file is a valid backup, the database being used will be backed up and the data will restore, giving a completed message. If the file is not valid, an error message will display.