Buffet Analysis

The Buffet Analysis report will provide a detail of what was used for each buffet event and a summary of the cost for each individual event. The Buffet Analysis will also provide an overall cost for all events in the selected date range. This report will assist in determining if the events during the reporting period were cost efficient overall.

Header Detail
Item Description The item/recipe being served.
Qty Served The amount of the item/recipe being served.
Avg Cost The average cost per unit being served.
Total Cost The total cost of the item being served.
% Cost The cost percentage of the item contributed to the event.
Summary Header Detail
Cover The amount of people served.
Total Sales The total amount of sales recorded for the event.
Total Cost The total cost of the event.
Avg Cover Price The amount charged per cover. Determined by the cover price in the event.
Avg Cover Cost

Average cost per person served.

Average Cover Cost = Total Sales / Total Cost

Margin The profit margin for the event.
Cost % The total cost of the event.