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Daily Sales Summary General Information

When sales mixes are saved, the category sales are broken down and some users may wish to use the daily sales window as a Daily Sales report/cash window.

To Review the Sales Financials Tools:

  1. Click "Daily Sales" from the main menu toolbar.
  2. Select the date or double click on the sale for the day.

The daily "Financial Sales" window appears with a breakdown of category sales on the left along with fields for daily reporting such as customer count, labor hours, etc.

Category Sales – The breakdown of category sales as per the product groups and categories assigned.

Financial Information

The features of this window are available to use but are not required. If exporting sales information to your accounting software, you will need to enter the details as below.

Field Details
Sales Date (Greyed Out) Indicates the date of sales.
Cash In Drawer It is the total amount of money (cash, check, and credit card receipts), including tax collected, that you should have in your till and the end of the day. Most cash registers and POS systems are set up to include tax collected into this number. If yours is not, you must add the tax into this total so that Gross and Net Sales are calculated correctly.
Cash Payouts Many times, you may pay cash out of the till for incidental expenses. If you do not want to detail the payouts, enter the accumulated total dollar amount of payouts for the day. If you would like to detail the payouts. We strongly recommend that you detail the payouts as the information you detail here will appear on your G/L report.
Taxes (the taxes that you set up in the Taxes and Adjustments Preferences) Enter the total amounts of each of the taxes here. Remember to make sure that the corresponding taxes in the Chart of Accounts match these names.
Variance This variance will need to be 0 to balance the calculated category sales from POS imports to the left. Adjust amounts as necessary.
Comps Indicate the amount given for complimentary dishes.
Promo If you run specials in your restaurant, enter the total discounted amount here.
Employee Discount This field is where you indicate the amount you discounted from your regular price for employees. Your cash register or POS system should keep track of this total. Most employers give their employees a 50% or 25% discount.
Other Discounts Enter any other discounts you may give throughout the day such as senior's discounts or special group discounts. Make sure you enter the discounted amount from the regular price and not the total amount of the discounted sales. The numbers you indicate in these discounted fields are going to be added by Optimum Control to achieve gross sales.
Gross and Net Sales Both gross sales and net sales are automatically calculated when sales are entered. The formula for this is Cash CID (cash in drawer) + Cash Payouts + Specials + Coupons + Discounts (employee and other) - All Taxes = Gross Sales. The Net Sales are Calculated as Gross Sales - (Coupons, Discounts, and Specials).
Sales Voids If you wish to track your voids then enter the total dollar amount of voided transactions. This number is for information purposes only and does not affect the Gross Sales calculations.
Cash Deposit This is the cash amount that is deposited into the bank.
Credit Card Deposits Enter the amount of all credit cards received.
Gift Card Deposit Enter the total of all gift cards.
Total Deposit Calculated from all deposits.
Labor Cost - Hourly Labor Enter the hourly labor from your POS reports.
Labor Cost - Management Labor Indicate management labor values for the day.
Labor Total Calculated total of management and hourly labor.
Labor Percentage Percentage of labor total divided into Gross Sales.
Customer Count Enter the total number of customers as reported on your cash register tapes or POS system.
Comments Enter any comments for the day.