Forecasted Order Sheet by Days

The Forecasted Order Sheet by Days report will show what is needed to order to cover a certain number of days of sales based on a date range of sales that have been entered. This report will help with the ordering process to ensure you are ordering enough stock for your sales, and while you do not have a lot of waste from ordering too much or not have enough stock due to ordering too little.

The days will determine how much needs to be ordered. The "Days" field has a preset number, but you can also enter the desired number of days. The "From Date" and "To Date" fields will determine the date range the sales data will be pulled from to calculate the amounts needed for the order.


The report will populate the items broken down into their storage locations and providing you with a suggested amount to order.


Header Detail
Description The name of the item in Optimum Control.
UOM The reporting unit of measure of the item.
Qty on Hand The amount Optimum Control is calculating that you have on hand. The amount is based on the most recent inventory count +/- any invoices and sales entered.
Avg Usage Per Day The average usage per day is calculated by taking the total amount used in the selected date range and dividing by the number of days in the date range.
Required Stock This is the amount you will need to order to have enough stock for sales.
Suggested Quantity The suggested order amount will be how much you will need to order which is usually rounding to the next full case size from the suggested amount. 
Case Size This is the ordering case size for the item.
Order Amount This field is where you can enter the amount you want to order.