General Information about Items

Items are the "stock book items" purchased from suppliers. Inventory items are only entered ONCE, or the database will become cluttered. It is recommended that only one item be created, and then multiple suppliers and pack sizes within that item.

There are several screens to help in the entry process.

Task Details
Core Information

Detail the Description, Inventory Group, and Item Use (e.g. weight, volume, or unit), key item setting and if the usage is actualized.

NOTE: For weight and volume, you can select a reporting unit and default ingredient unit. Unit has a default of Each and must be converted if you prefer another unit. Such as 'slice'.

Case Sizes Enter the case sizes for each supplier and/or case size you purchase by.
Storage Locations When entering core information, you will specify the default 'ordering' location but you can also detail multiple storage locations for counting inventory.
Nutrition (OPTIONAL) Detail the nutritional analysis by linking this item to included USDA links or adding from a label. This will calculate all recipe nutrition.
Allergen (OPTIONAL) Detail any allergens contained in the item. Reports can be run detailing if any allergens are contained in a recipe.

Selecting an Inventory Item:

  1. Click "Items" (main menu toolbar)
  2. A list on the left will display all inventory items that have been entered into Optimum Control. Double-click an item to select it.
Filter Detail
Search Description Type a few letters of the item you wish to find, the list will filter accordingly.

To further filter your search, click "Filters" drop-down box. There are four filter options:

  • Category – Choose the Category to filter the items by.
  • Group – Select the Group to show items for.
  • Key Items – Display all items, only key items, or only non-key items.
  • Active Item – Show active items in your search, inactive, or both.
Multiple Case Size Indicator Case size indicates an item with more than one case size. Double-click the icon to see a listing of all case sizes for that item.

NOTE: To hide the item pick list, uncheck the "Keep Open" box at the bottom of the list. To open the list, click "Open" from the "Items Toolbar".