General Information about Menu Product Recipes

Products (Menu Recipes) are all the items you sell on your menu. Products may consist of single items, combo platters, side dishes, add-ons, etc.

Before you can link the products from your POS system or enter in the sales from your till tape, you will want to make sure that you have set up the items, preps, and products.

You can also import the description, POS ID, selling price, and sales groups information from your POS system. All you will have to do is add the ingredients and a selling price.

Make sure that you have determined the cost of sales percentage you want to operate your restaurant at. If not, and you are new in the business, consult your accountant. They will probably advise you to try to achieve a 25-30% cost of sales, perhaps higher in certain types of fine dining establishments.

To Select an Existing Menu Product:

  1. Click "Products" (main menu toolbar)
  2. Double-click to open an existing menu product.

NOTE: You can filter the list by selecting the filter arrow and filtering by the category, group, or active/inactive status.