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General Information about Prep / Batch Recipe Scaling

Optimum Control can recalculate recipes based on a desired amount. Sometimes you may wish to resize a recipe based on an event or special group coming to your establishment.

To Scale a Prep / Batch Recipe:

  1. Click "Batch Scaling" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Double-click on the prep recipe on the list to load the recipe information.
  3. Indicate the new prep batch size or recipe yield for simple calculations.
  4. Enter the details as below.
    NOTE: As you resize the recipe, the units will change and rescale as required.
  5. Print your scaled batch recipes.
Field Details
Batch Yield Displays the normal batch yield for the recipe.
Recipe Yield Displays the normal recipe yield for the recipe.
Desired Batch Yield Indicate the desired batch size you want to scale this recipe to.
Desired Recipe Yield Indicate the desired recipe yield you want to rescale the recipe to.
Quick Resizing Icon
  • Half Batch – Click to resize the recipe to half of the default recipe yield.
  • Double Batch – Click to double the default recipe yield.
  • Triple Batch – Click to triple the default recipe yield.
Reset Reset prep amounts to default recipe amounts.