General Information about Prep or Batch Recipes

Preps are any batch recipes such as sauces, kitchen-prepared salad dressing, or anything you cook, chop, dice, prepare, or change in any way from its originally purchased form to use as an ingredient in a menu product recipe.

If you alter an item or place it into another recipe to be used in menu products, then you prep it. If you use a raw ingredient and do not change it, then it's an item ingredient and it does not need to be prepped.

The "Prep" window shows the total batch cost and the batch unit cost of the recipe.

NOTE: There are some exceptions to this rule. If you prep an individual item and end up with an individual item (e.g. chicken thighs or shrimp), and add no other ingredients to them prior to serving to the customer, then there is no point in prepping the item. The cost per piece will still be the same. If you add any other items to these types of items, such as batter or spice, then you will want to prep it. You could also use item conversions in the "Item" window to convert it to use in menu product recipes.

Overview of the Prep/Batch Recipe Process

  1. Create a new prep and enter the information
    NOTE: It is best to know the batch yield as this is important, but can be edited later.
  2. Enter the ingredients and amounts for each.
  3. Choose the storage locations if counting these as part of your inventory.
  4. Indicate the prep station if including on your prep sheets.
  5. Enter recipe instructions along with a picture if you prefer.
  6. Review nutrition and adjust if necessary.