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General Information about Setting Prep Par Levels

Optimum Control can help you with your prep amounts by printing a prep sheet based on your set daily par levels. you can also automatically calculate par levels based on historical sales information.

NOTE: Only prep recipes that are indicated as "Include on Prep Sheets" will appear by default. It is important that prep location and shelf life are included to maximize the effectiveness of the sheets.

Optimum Control calculates prep amounts based on sales from previous weeks (e.g. Mondays) and identifying the highest amount sold and defining the amount to make at 80% of that value. The max level looks to the shelf life of the item and calculates what would need to be made to maximize prep. For instance, if on a Monday the prep amount was determined to be 10 portions of a prep and the prep is good for three days, Optimum Control will indicate the first, second, and third day amounts required to efficiently prep (80% of what is calculated for three days will be displayed). This calculation gives an amount required for today and a maximum amount that can be made to maximize prep.

Recalculate as you see fit.