General Information about the Sales Mix

Optimum Control can register your sales and ultimately report theoretical usage and cost of sales information.

There are three ways to input sales information:

  • Manual Entry Using Till Tape – Create a till tape list and enter it manually from a cash register tape or sales listing.
  • Import from Point of Sale (POS) – Create export files of Sales Mix reports or use OC Sales Export Utility to create files and import.
  • Use OC Sales Export to Automatically Process Sales – This utility is a separate program that can automatically process sales directly to the Optimum Control database.

How to Select and View the Sales Mix

  1. Choose "Sales" (main menu toolbar).
  2. The "Sales Mix Calendar" appears displaying completed sales.
  3. Click on any sales date to open the summary window or double-click on the sales number to view.
    NOTE: Click the date on the calendar to view a graph of the Days Sales.

How to Delete Sales

  1. Choose "Sales" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Select the date.
  3. Identify the sale on that date you wish to delete.
    NOTE: There can be multiple sales on a day.
  4. Click "Delete" (sale mix toolbar)
  5. Confirm the delete. The sale has now been deleted.
    NOTE: All deletions are registered in the Optimum Control log.