General Information on Counting Inventory

To ensure you have complete control over your stock, it is recommended that you count your inventory regularly, either on a weekly or monthly basis. In some instances, you may even want to count daily. The most important thing when counting inventory is to be accurate. The majority of issues surrounding inventory variances are because of inaccurate counting.

NOTE: The first time you use this window, you will be creating worksheets for your opening inventory for all items.

Overview of the Inventory Process:

  1. Make sure all items and preps you wish to count are entered into Optimum Control and identify the storage locations for each.
  2. You have the option to customize count sheets and use count sheet setup to remove or add items or pack sizes (which can be done at any time). Hot lists can be created on an as-needed basis to focus on a small group of specific inventory items that you are having problems with.
  3. Create and print the inventory count sheets, or export to OCMobile–Inventory (subscription required).
  4. Count your inventory.
  5. Enter or import your counts from OCMobile–Inventory.
  6. Save your inventory count sheet.
  7. Summarize your count.
  8. Finalize your inventory.
  9. Run reports.
  10. Adjust your count sheet if necessary.