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How do I set my item par levels?

Set item par levels (minimum/maximum) used in ordering guides, order sheets, and order reminders to make ordering stock easier. You can also use this window to set key item and actualize flags for multiple items at once.

To Set Item Par Levels:

  1. Click "Item Par Levels (main menu toolbar). Each group and its items within will be displayed.
  2. Indicate the Minimum Order Level and Maximum Order Level for each item.
    NOTE: The Units of Measure are in the reporting unit. This is able to be changed. When you come back to the "Item Par Levels" window, the changes will have taken effect.
  3. Click "Save".
    NOTE: For those wishing to have a par level, make the minimum and maximum order levels the same.

    Field Details
    Search Enter the full price or partial item name that you are searching for to filter the list.
    Show Inactive To show "Inactive Items", check the box.
    Group Filter To filter, select the specific group from the drop-down list.

    NOTE: To collapse all groups for simplified viewing, click "Collapse All" in the bottom left corner. To expand all groups, click "Expand All"
    Key Item The multiple item selection of key items can be changed in this window. Simply check the "Key Item" box beside each item and click "Save".
    Actualize To actualize an item (or group of items), check the "Actualize" box beside each item and click "Save".

    NOTE: Some items cannot be tracked properly in a recipe (e.g. fryer oil, napkins, straws, etc.). These items may not be used in any recipes, but the usage is calculated. Optimum Control will show a variance because there is actual but no ideal usage 

    Ex. You can include two sugar packets for each coffee sold, but one customer may take three, another one, and another five. Whatever you actually used in sugar packets is correct, and you won't see a variance because the ideal will also be set to the same number.