How can I find the status of my data upload?

By default, the upload overview field will display the status of your sales by region. Here you can quickly determine if data is being sent and received by the various regions in your organization. For each region listed, you will see the status of your data for invoices, inventory, sales, imports, daily sales, and waste. Alternatively, you may display this data by the individual store, clicking the "Show by Store" button located below the main field. Each cell in this field will display an icon (or symbol) indicating the status of that item for each of your regions.

Status Icons

Icon / Symbol Details
Data is properly transmitting/receiving. All data has been sent/received from all locations.
Data is missing for the item in question.
OC Enterprise did not send/receive all expected data.
Indicates a complete failure of upload - review with store and reupload data or call support.

Further details can be obtained through a pop-up window by hovering your mouse over the item in question. This pop-up window provides additional information that will help you identify any issues.