How do I access reports?

OC Enterprise provides extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to review both financial and logistical details about your business. This section of OC Enterprise can generate these reports for you. You may either print these reports or download them in many different formats. OC Enterprise also includes the capability to print to a PDF file directly, though you may also use an external PDF printing utility if desired.

How to Access Reports

  1. Select "Reports" from the dropdown menu located at the top of the page.
  2. Select "View Reports" from the list.
  3. The report list will be displayed. Click a report for more information.

The list that displays on the left can show up to three different types of reports:

  • Favourite Reports - any report in OC Enterprise can be marked as a favourite for ease of access.
  • Consolidated Reports - combines data across all stores (or stores you select) and displays it as a bird's eye view to give you a general summary.
  • Store Reports - similar to Consolidated Reports, but it requires you to select a store, with data displaying that only applies to the store selected.