How do I access the help file?

The help file is displayed in a split-pane on the right hand side of the dashboard. Content will change with each window or function you are working in. The top pane displays the Table of Contents/Topics, and the bottom pane displays the content you have chosen to view. The help pane also includes a Search function.

To minimize the help file, click the "≥" button at the top left of the help pane. This will 'slide' the help file to the right and collapse the pane.  To reopen, click the "≤" button.

The help pane is set to a default size when opening Optimum Control. The pane can be resized by hovering the mouse over the edge of the pane and dragging the <-> to whatever size required.

NOTE: Resizing the help pane impacts Optimum Control windows so they will shrink/enlarge accordingly. Each time the program is restarted, the help pane will go back to the default size.