How do I add an item, prep, or product ingredient to a product?

The Ingredients tab will be the default tab highlighted in the "Create / Edit Product" page. Here you may add each of the necessary ingredients for your products. You may select any combination of items, preps, and other products to use as ingredients for your new products.

How to Add an Item, Prep, or Product Ingredient

  1. In the "Create / Edit Product" page, click the "Add Item", "Add Prep", or "Add Product" button.
  2. Type the first few letters of the item, prep, or product you would like to add in the search box provided or if you would like to see a listing of all items, preps, and products, leave the field blank.
  3. Click "Search" or "Enter"
  4. Select the item, prep, or product you would like to add from the list of search results.
  5. Enter the quantity required and the unit of measure (for ingredients originally entered in as a volume-unit, only other volume-units will display. Similarly, ingredients originally entered as a weight-unit will only show other weight-units). If you need to convert between volumes and weights for an ingredient, add a conversion for that item. You can use decimals such as 0.25 cup or 0.75 ounce.
  6. Continue adding ingredients until your product recipe is complete.
  7. When all ingredients have been added, click the "Save" button located in the upper left-hand corner of the window.

NOTE: You can only enter each ingredient once per product. Please ensure the total amount for each of the ingredients in your product is listed. Once an ingredient is added, it will not appear on the search list.