How do I add Categories?

Categories (Sales Categories) are supergroups used for reporting purposes. Most costs can be categorized into Food, Liquor, Beer, Wine, and Miscellaneous. Ex. In the Usage Summary, when detailing your sales under a category, your reports will divide the cost of sales per category, giving you a percentage cost for each.

Each inventory/product group will be assigned a sales category. You may want to add additional categories that are not supplied. You may add as many sales categories as required, but try to limit them as most sales will fall within the default categories.

To Add Categories

  1. Click "Setup" from the main menu bar.
  2. Select "Categories".
  3. Select an existing category to edit or delete, or click "Add".
  4. Enter all information as detailed below and click "Save". 
Field Details
Category Enter a description. Ex. Food or Retail (these are not groups but super groups; you can have inventory or sales groups within).
Income Account

From the dropdown list, select the income account you want to assign. The default is "Gross Sales".

Note: If you are exporting sales information to your accounting system, you may want to have the information go to a separate income chart of accounts. If you have more detailed income accounts in your accounting software, you can assign the proper account here.

Note: If you want to delete a category, it cannot be used in an inventory/sales groups. If so, remove the category from the the group first and then delete it.