How do I add credit requests to my invoices?

When you enter an invoice, there may be some items that you need to request a credit from the supplier. When you request a credit, the total purchased stock that was on the invoice is entered in the items entry area (enter the total amounts that are on the invoice), and any requested credits will be set in the credit area. By entering it this way, the invoice will balance, but the stock that was sent back will NOT be added to the stock.

Each outstanding credit will be listed in the "Credit Reconciliation" window, ready for when the credit is sent to you.

To Enter a Credit Invoice

  1. From the "Invoice" window, enter the invoice information and add items into the item entry area.
  2. Highlight the item that you sent back and click the "Request Credit" button. This will automatically enter a row in the "Credit" window.
  3. Select the "Credit" tab, enter in a reason for the credit, and the quantity. If you are requesting a value of a credit, in the case that you were overcharged, enter 0.00 as the quantity, and enter only the requested amount in the amount field.
  4. Repeat the steps above for any other items that you require a credit on.
  5. When the invoice is complete, click "Save".

Reconciling Credits

If you have requested credits when entering an invoice, those credits will be listed and ready to be reconciled. This allows you to keep track of any requests and generate reports for how many credits were requested for a supplier, or if a credit was received.

To View Outstanding Credits:

NOTE: Have your credit invoice to refer to.

  1. Click "Invoice" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Click "Reconcile Credits" (invoice toolbar).
  3. Select "Outstanding Credits" to view ALL outstanding credits. Or, choose the Select Supplier drop-down to choose the supplier for the credit.
  4. A listing of all outstanding credits for this supplier will be shown.
  5. Highlight the items that you have received by checking the box to the right.
  6. Make sure the correct credit amount appears as listed on the invoice. If not, you will need to edit the credit balance.
  7. Once complete, click "Reconcile".
  8. A window will appear asking for the following information: Credit Number, Date of Credit, and Credit Total. Enter information from your printed invoice.
  9. Click "Process" to complete the reconciliation.
    NOTE: The amount must balance to the credit note.