How do I add dashboard tiles to my main menu?

Your Main Menu Dashboard is a quick view and insight as to how your operation is performing. Each dashboard allows you to customize how the data is displayed.

NOTE: The dashboard will refresh every five minutes.

To Add a Dashboard Tile:

  1. Click "+" at the top left of the dashboard workspace (under the main menu toolbar). This will present a list of available widgets.
  2. Double-click on the desired widget to add. See the available widgets below.
  3. Size each dashboard tile as you desire. All dashboard tiles have a Maximize/Minimize button at the top right, which will adjust a tile's size based on the space it occupies. You can also change a tile's size by dragging <-> to resize.
    NOTE: As some dashboard tiles require a set amount of space to display, we recommend minimizing the size of all tiles to facilitate adding new ones.
  4. Move each dashboard tile to achieve the desired placement.
Dashboard Tile Details

Pending Reminders

NOTE: Reminders will turn red once they are expired and will post as tiles on your desktop. To snooze, click the snooze button and to dismiss, click the dismiss button.

This tile is a quick note reminder for anyone using the program. Reminders will display until dismissed.

  1. To create a reminder, click "Add".
  2. Enter a note or subject for the reminder, select the date to be reminded on and the time. Enter notes about the reminder by clicking the icon.
  3. To edit a reminder, click to highlight the reminder and select the pencil icon.
  4. To delete a a reminder, click on the reminder, and select the "Delete" icon.
  5. Click "Save"
Top 10 Price Change Trends Displays the top price changes +/- over the specified period. NOTE: The date range can be changed to view the last 30 days, this week, last week, this month, last month, or custom. Once chosen this will be how the widget displays until changed.
Order Reminder Displays all items below set minimum item par levels. This is a reminder only, and will need to open the order window to place the order.

Period Purchases

Displays a bar graph of purchases by Chart of Account within the time parameters set in the "Show Data For" drop-down list.

Each supplier will be listed as a different color and hovering the mouse over the bar graph, an account breakdown will be displayed.

Cost of Sales (Graph) Quickly analyze inventory groups and trends over a maximum of 4 inventory periods. Select a date and the next 4 periods will display on the screen in line graph format. Hover over the plotted points to see a quick summary of the percentage of sales for each group.
Weekly Sales Summary Provides a breakdown of weekly sales by category.
Cost of Sales Displays the last 4 inventory cycles actual cost of sales percentages. 
Pending Sales

Shows all pending sales (sales processing errors). Each date will be listed and the value of the pending sales.

To fix pending sales:

  1. Highlight the desired dates (use the SHIFT key to select multiple dates).
  2. Click "Fix". This will open the "Pending Sales" window.
Period Sales

Displays a pie chart of the category sales for the desired period. Select the period to show data for in the drop-down list.


Hovering over the chart will display the sales revenue.

General Activity

NOTE: This tile will require a complete row to display properly. Best located at the bottom of the dashboard.

A quick look at what work has been completed for the week or what sales have (or have not) been processed.

The sales amounts, invoices, inventories, orders, and events will be displayed along with totals.

To adjust the week's start day, click the settings icon (located in the tile).