How do I add ingredients to my batch recipes?

You will need to add each of the necessary ingredients and units for your prep. You can select any combination of items and other preps to use as ingredients for your new prep.

How to Add an Ingredient to a Prep

  1. In the "Create" prep page, select an item ingredient by clicking the "Add Item" or "Add Prep" buttons.
  2. Type a few letters to filter for the ingredient you wish to use.
  3. Click "Search" or "Enter".
  4. Select the ingredient or prep you wish to add from the list of search results.
  5. Enter the quantity required and hte unit of measure (for ingredients originally entered in as a volume-unit, only other volume units will display. Similarily, ingredients originally entered in as a weight-unit will only show other weight-units). If you need to convert between volumes and weights for an ingredient, add a conversion for that item. You can use decimals such as 0.25 cup, or 0.75 ounce.
  6. Continue adding ingredients until your prep recipe is complete.
  7. When you're satisfied that everything is entered correctly, click "Save".

NOTE: You may only enter each ingredient once per prep. Please ensure the total amount for each of the ingredients in your prep is listed. Once an ingredient is added once, it will not appear on the search list.

Total Recipe Cost: Optimum Control will calculate the total cost of a prep recipe (at the bottom right-hand corner). To calculate the actual cost per unit, OC Enterprise will take the total cost of this prep recipe and divide it by the physical yield.

Actual Cost Per (Recipe Unit): This cost shows the total cost divided down to the recipe unit. Look at this cost to see if it makes sense. If it doesn't, check your physical yield and your recipe figures. Also ensure you use the correct amounts for the unit of measure for each ingredient indicated.