How do I add or edit Accounts?

The account menu allows you to enter a chart of accounts for your organization. You will be able to enter accounts for cost of sales, expense, income, and liability accounts.

Note: You may integrate your accounting system by entering corresponding account numbers in the "References" field within OC Enterprise. Your accounting department should be able to provide this information.

Note: You will be required to enter at least one income account, as this is required for category setup.

Each inventory group is linked to an account to simplify entry and reporting. Each inventory item is assigned to a group and an account. Ex. Apple Juice is linked to the "NA beverage" group which is linked to the "Food" account.

Accounts can be used to categorize items to an account detail / general expenses, in the invoice window. OC Enterprise provides a preset list of accounts by default. You may add other accounts to correspond with your existing accounts as needed.

To Add or Edit Accounts

  1. Click "Setup" from the main OC Enterprise drop-down menu located at the top.
  2. Select "Accounts".
  3. To edit an account, click the "Edit" link located next to the account in question. From this page, you may update your account's name, the account type, the reference name, or number, Contra Account information (if your account type is an Expense or Cost of Sale) and whether the account is active or not.
  4. Enter all information as detailed below and click "Save".
Field Details
Account Name Enter the account name. If you want this to be a sub-account, type the existing name of the account, add a dash, then enter the name of the sub-account. Ex. Chili Seasoning Mix could be Cost of Sales, but could be detailed to cost of sales - food and cost of sales - food - spices.
Account Type Enter the account type. Valid entries for liability accounts include: Cost of Sales, Income, and Expense. Asset accounts include: Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Please refer to your accountant or bookkeeper for clarification or assistance.
Reference Enter a reference name or code number. This reference should correspond with a similar entry in your accounting system. This reference may be edited at any time.
Contra Account Both the Usage Summary and P&L (Profit & Loss) reports can be set to have their cost of sales and/or expense account calculations based on percentage figures supplied from a separate income account. For instance, you may want all food related cost-of-sales accounts listed as a percentage against food sales if the "Food Sales" income account is the contra account.