How do I add Units of Measure (UOM)?

Most inventory items will fall into the Units of Measure (UOM) provided on the OC Enterprise site. You may want to add your own units for specific pack-sizes and for reporting purposes.

How to Add a Unit of Measure:

  1. Click "Setup" from menu bar.
  2. Select "Units of Measure".
  3. Click "New Uom" (or to edit an existing UOM, click "Edit").
  4. Type in a Unit Description under "Description" - This is the long name of the unit. Examples include: kilogram, liter, cup, etc. This is used in windows such as preps and products.
  5. Type in a short, abbreviated description under "Unit" (maximum of 6 characters). Examples include: "kg", "lb". This is used for reporting purposes or where space is limited for the full description.
  6. Indicate the type of the ingredient from the "Unit Type" dropdown list. Be very careful as you want to ensure that you are using volume/liquid units and weight units with like units. This way when you add a conversion for this UOM, it can be converted to any other of that type of unit.
  7. Click "Save".
UOM Type Details
Weight These units are those that are used by weight. Pound, Gram, Kilogram. Once a weight unit is selected for an item, all weight units will be available when adding as an ingredient.
Volume Volume-type units are those applied to liquid measures. Fluid, ounce, liter, mililiter, 750mL are examples.
Unit Used when an item is used by the individual unit. Examples include: each, carton, serving, etc. When entering an item, the default unit will be "each". A conversion is required to convert an each to another unit type.