How do I configure my recipe sets?

The default behavior of recipe set imports can be altered. When synchronizing your recipe sets with those at your local stores, OC Enterprise will respect your choices.

How to Change your Recipe Set Imports Configuration

  1. Select an option in the "Select class to configure" dropdown list.
  2. For each class, you may change the default behavior for numerous individual properties.
  3. For each Property Name listed within a class, you may choose one of three (3) options to change the default behavior of that property within OC Enterprise.
    Keep Local Data at the store level will be left untouched.
    Merge Existing data from any local databases will be merged/combined with the existing data from within your OC Enterprise database.
    Update Local databases are overwritten with data from the OC Enterprise database.
  4. Click "Save".
    NOTE: These update, keep local features can seriously damage your data if not careful. Please review carefully before sending to stores.

    Some stances where you would want to update from head office.
    1. When sending products to stores and all are using the same set of POS ID# and Descriptions. You will need to set Price Level to "Update" in the "Product" dropdown to make sure all POS ID# to go down to the stores. Then open the price level dropdown to set whether to update POS ID and Description (this is the description from the POS).
    2. When setting case sizes and updating an order code for a pack size you may wish to send the item in question with the new order code for instance. Make sure "Update" is set on the Item list case size and also set "Case Size - Order Code" to update. Then once created set the configuration back to "Keep Local".
    3. In a franchise operation, some owners may want to have data slightly different in accounts. Be sure to review configuration before sending to these stores. If set to update, their accounts could be overwritten. They would need to resave their accounts.

To reset a default configuration, use the "Reset Configuration" dropdown list located at the top right-hand corner of the page to select a default profile and click "Go".