How do I create a new inventory?

To Create a New Inventory:

  1. Click "Count Inventory" (main menu toolbar)
    NOTE: In this window, you will be able to create, view, re-date, delete, re-enable, and finalize inventories.
  2. The "Inventory Calendar" will display showing any completed inventories. Double-click to open a day or adjust counts.
    NOTE: Inventory dates with no value have not been finalized.
  3. Click "New". You will be presented with the "Create Inventory Wizard"
    NOTE: Alternatively, to make counting inventory easier, you have the option to create a custom sort (shelf to sheet) and/or count sheet setup to include/exclude specific items, case sizes, and/or preps.
  4. Wizard Questions Details
    On which date should this inventory be recorded?

    Indicate the date for the inventory. This can easily be changed if the inventory is saved for the wrong date.

    Other than the very first inventory when you begin using the software, all other inventories will be closing inventories. A closing inventory is the count of stock levels at the close of business.

    Are multiple count sheets required?

    The default is "No", as this is not required for a normal single inventory.

    To "split" your inventory into separate components, check the box. Each count will require a summarization, and once summarized, can be finalized and then reports run.

    What kind of inventory count is this?

    There are five kinds of inventory counts to choose from:

    • All Items – Lists all the items selected as tracked inventory. All items on the count sheet will require an amount to be entered or they will be set to 0.00.
    • Key Items – You may have a top 100 or top 30 that you have set as key items. All non-key items NOT on the sheet will have a calculated count as per sales and purchases.
    • Category – Indicate the category or categories (if you have selected multiple count sheets).
    • Group – Indicate the group or groups (if you have selected multiple count sheets).
    • Hot List – Select the hot list or lists you wish to include as part of the inventory.Answer the questions to create a new inventory count sheet.

  1. Select "Finish". The count sheet will display and be ready for your counts.
  2. Choose how you want to sort your count sheets. Select an option from the "Sort By:" listing on the left.
    Sort By Details
    Location Sorts by Storage Location and then by Group (e.g. Cooler – Produce – Lemons)
    Group Sorts by Group and then alphabetically within the Group (e.g. Meats, Produce, etc.)
    Category Sorts by Category (e.g. Food, Beer, etc.)
    Custom Sorts by Location in exactly the order you have designed using the Custom Sort feature.
  3. Print Count Sheets or export inventory to OCMobile–Inventory.

How to Print Inventory Count Sheets

  1. Click "Count Inventory" (main menu toolbar)
  2. Create a new inventory. To open a completed inventory, double-click on the count you want to print.
  3. Choose the "View (Sort By)" you wish to count (Location, Group, Category, or Custom).
    NOTE: If you have selected an existing current inventory, you must click "Countsheet" (inventory toolbar) first before selecting a View.
  4. Click "Print" (inventory toolbar)
  5. Select a print option: Countsheet (All Groupings), Countsheet (Current Grouping), Worksheet (All Groupings) or Worksheet (Current Grouping).
    1. Count Sheet – This option prints the count sheet that you will use to count your inventory. Choose to print the current count sheet (the current view on the screen) or the complete count sheet (all items in the inventory).
    2. Worksheet – Once you have entered your counts and saved, you may wish to print a record of the counts and the "approximate" valuation. The purpose of this is to have a record of all the counts and do a quick check on any valuations (e.g. $20,000 of jam in one location).

*Do not use this sheet as your final inventory values. It is intended to be a quick report to confirm counts only. Use inventory reports or the usage summary in the Reporting window for any final inventory numbers.