How do I create a recipe book?

OC Enterprise has functions to add your recipe information and then distribute it to the stores either by printout or digitally. This feature is a powerful tool because it will allow you and your staff to view recipes in a web browser or print directly from their desktop copy of Optimum Control.

TIP: Set up a user for the OC Enterprise website for access to the Recipe Book only. Store level users can now view reicpes and instructions from a tablet device or web browser in the kitchen.

How to Add a Recipe to a Recipe Book

  1. Select "Recipe" and choose "Recipe Book".
  2. The column on the left has two tabs (Prep and Product), each listing all the preps or products found on OC Enterprise.
  3. In the search box, type a few letters of the prep or product you wish to view and click the magnifying glass icon located ot the right of the search box.
  4. If you wish to filter your results, click the filter icon located to the right of the magnifying glass. This will allow you to filter based on Status (All, Active, or Inactive), Categories, Inventory Groups, or Sales Groups.
  5. Choose Prep or Product type recipes. (In the Recipe book window, the recipes that have instructions will be indicated in BOLD.)
  6. To view the recipe in printed form, click the checkbox to indicate one or more recipes to view/print and they will display in the right column.
  7. Select the "View Book" button located in the upper left of the screen and the recipe(s) will be displayed in print form. Click the "Printer" icon located in the right column to print the recipe(s) or save as PDF or other formats.
  8. To download the book to your device or desktop, click the "Download Book" button located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The recipe or book will be downloaded as a doc file for you to print or edit as necessary.