How do I create a tax?

)In your jurisdiction, stores may have one or more taxes that appear on invoices and/or need to apply to the cost of your items. Taxes need to be entered into OC Enterprise for them to appear in purchase windows and reports. Anything that affects the final cost, or is applied to an invoice as a percentage or value needs to be accounted for. These include deposits, discounts, and environmental fees.

How to Add a Tax or Adjustment Type:

  1. Click "Setup" from menu bar.
  2. Select "Taxes".
  3. Select an existing code to edit or delete, or click "New Tax".
  4. Enter the information as follows:
    Field Details
    Description Enter a Description (Ex: "Sales Tax", "Deposit+", "Margin Discount", etc.)
    Code Enter a Code for the tax. (Ex. "Tax" or "PST")
    Tax Type Choose either "Value" or "Percentage" from the list. Some taxes or adjustments are a fixed amount and some can be a percentage.
    Amount Enter the tax amount (by currency), or the tax percentage.
    Account Select an account from the dropdown list to apply it to your accounting records (Ex. GST is posted to the Sales Tax account, keg deposits post to the Beer Deposit account, etc.).
    Recoverable? Indicate if this is a recoverable tax. This tax is applied to your purchases. You will receive a credit back from your tax agency.
    Apply Purchase Amounts to the Item Accounts Selecting this option will apply the calculated tax amount to the account that is assigned to the individual item, not the account assigned to the tax. Ex. "Salt" has the tax group "GST" applied to it. Selecting the "Apply Purchase Amounts to Item Accounts" option for the tax "GST" will apply the tax amount to the account the item is assigned to, not the account the tax is assigned to.


  5. Click "Save".