How do I create an inventory hot list?

Inventory hot lists are lists of items or preps that you want to count for an inventory. These are best used for problem items or as watch lists. When a hot list is used as an inventory count, all other items NOT counted will have inventory counts calculated automatically

TIP: If making an inventory hot list, you can also use the hot list as a custom filter for usage summary reports. This is a great tool for watching trouble or high cost items.

To Add, Delete, or Edit a Hot List:

  1. Click "Count Inventory" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Choose "Hot Lists" (inventory toolbar).
  3. Select an existing hot list to edit or delete. To create a new list, click "New".
  4. Enter the details as below.
    NOTE: You can re-arrange the hot list into the order you desire. Click the item, hold the left button down while moving the item up or down the list and release when the item is in the desired order. The placement of the item is indicated by a red line.
  5. Click "Save". The list will now be available for a hot list inventory, and can be used as a special on the Usage Summary Report.
Field Details
List Description Enter a name for the hot list.
Filter/Search Available Items

If needed, enter the name of an item you wish to find. Once filtered, drag and drop the item(s) from the available items on the left to the selected items on the right.

NOTE: You can speed up this process by holding down the "SHIFT" key to highlight a group of items, and clicking "≥" to move the group to the hot list.

Group Filter the pick list by Group
Key Items Select from a list of key items only.