How do I create an order?

It is recommended that you print a monthly order guide or inventory order form. This will enable you to gather the necessary information to create an order.

To Create a New Order:

  1. Choose "Orders" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Click "New". A window will pop up asking what kind of order sheet you want to create.
    Order Worksheet Type Details
    New Worksheet Gives a listing of all items and suppliers. You can build you order as you need and Optimum Control will create the orders for each supplier automatically.
    Order Guide If you have created an order guide, you can select one that you want to use to create the order sheet.
    Forecast This option will allow you to select the expected revenue or the number of days to order for. If revenue, the amount used based on sales processed will be calculated for the time period specified.
    Include Items Below Par Levels

    This function will automatically add items that have stock below your set par levels.


  3. Once in the order worksheet, choose the supplier (or all suppliers) to order from.
    NOTE: You can choose to work with ALL suppliers to create multiple orders simultaneously or select a single supplier only. If you choose to order from one supplier only, the pick list on the left-hand side of the window will reflect only those items pertaining to that supplier.
  4. Delivery Date – The expected date of delivery. If exporting to suppliers, you cannot select today as a delivery date, as most supplier websites will not accept it.
  5. Items By – Select which inventory items you wish to see in the pick list:
    1. Location – View items by Primary Storage Location (e.g. Storage, Cooler, etc.).
    2. View Items by group (e.g. Bread, Produce, etc.).

NOTE: Click "Collapse All" or "Expand All" to see the list of items by group or location.

Select Items to Order:

From the list on the left, double-click (or click and drag) on the item you wish to order (from the list on the left) to place into the order sheet.

NOTE: Those items with more than one case size will be listed with the case size icon, click on this icon to choose a different case size.

6.       Quantity – Indicate the amount you wish to order.

7.        Case Units / Split Units (checkbox) – When an item was set up, if you indicated that                the item can be ordered as a split case, the option will appear in the order window. Click                  on "Split Case" and the split case unit will appear.

8.        Create Order(s) – Once you have completed your order sheet, click "Save". Your                            order(s) will be displayed in the order pick window.