How do I create nutritional guidelines?

For reporting and label printing purposes, nutritional guidelines must be used. Optimum Control contains two guides by default, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Canada Food Guide. Custom guidelines can be created, as you may work in an environment where you have specific guidelines or reporting requirements.

NOTE: You can sort the guideline listing by "Ascending" or "Descending" order by clicking on one of the following headers: "Tag", "Nutrient Description", "UOM", or "Amount".

To Add or Edit a Nutritional Guideline:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Nutrition"
  3. Select "Guidelines"
  4. Select an existing guideline to edit. For new guidelines, click "New".
  5. Indicate a "Description" for the guideline.
  6. The guideline will be set to "Active" by default. To set it to "Inactive", uncheck the box.
  7. Indicate the food guide's "Required Amount" from your jurisdiction for each nutrient.
  8. Click "Save"