How do I create or edit a budget template?

When setting a budget, you should use a budget template to speed up calculating your budgets. Each business has set the percentages they want to run each account at, this template allows you to set percentage amounts to each account to apply a sales amount to automatically calculate the budget.

To Create a Budget Template:

  1. Click "Budget Worksheet" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Choose "Edit Template" (budget worksheet toolbar).
  3. Set your "Percentage Amount" of gross sales for each account. You will be able to edit amounts once applied.
  4. Check the "Apply to Current Worksheet" box to have the percentages applied to the sheet displayed. This template will be applied on any new budgets that are created.
  5. Click "Save".
    NOTE: The budget worksheet will load on a new budget and calculate all amounts based on the percentages in the template.