How do I create prep conversions?

When you chose "How is it used?", all of those unit types became available for future recipes when selecting the prep as an ingredient; however, if you would like to use a different type of unit, you can add a conversion here.

Ex. You may want to use Tuna Salad by the serving, or by the pan. If you add a conversion of 6 fl. oz. = 1 pan, this unit will not be available when building product recipes.

To Add a Conversion:

  1. Click "Preps" (main menu toolbar)
  2. From the list of preps, double-click to open the prep you wish to add a conversion for.
  3. Click "Conversions" (prep toolbar).
  4. Click "Add Conversion" (prep toolbar).
  5. Choose the "From" and "To" UOM (Units of Measure).
    NOTE: The "From UOM" should be an existing unit type the prep is set up in.
  6. Enter the proper "Convert From" and "To" amounts.
  7. Click "Save".