How do I create recipe sets?

To send a new or edited list of Items, Preps, or Products to your stores, create a recipe set. These sets can be specific to a region, or a store. The selected stores or regions will have their databases updated with any new sets.

When sending a recipe set, it is very important to understand EXACTLY what is being updated and overwritten. There are some instances where what you want to update at the store level will differ, so make sure you are aware of the specification on the recipe set you are using.

Recipe Set View

When you open the page, you will be presented with a listing of all recipe sets, the date created and whether they have been successfully installed or not. If an error is listed, click on the date to open the recipe set. Here you can look to the bottom of the sheet and scroll through the stores to see which store the error occurred in.

How to Create a New Recipe Set

Keep in mind that supplier pack sizes, accounts, groups, and category information will also be sent to store. Be aware of what will be "kept local" and what is "Update" on the recipe configuration.

  1. Select "Recipe" from the menu bar.
  2. Click "Recipe Sets".
  3. Click "New Recipe Set".
  4. Description - Enter a description for the recipe set. There will be a default subscription but you may want to be more specific such as "New Summer menu", "LTO March", "New Wines", etc.
  5. Date Available - Select the date the Recipe Set becomes active, this will define the date in which the stores will download and install.
  6. Select the individual stores that the recipe set applies to This can be either the whole concept, a certain region, or specific stores.
  7. Recipe Set - Adding items, preps, or products to the recipe set can be done in two ways.
    1. Double click an item from the list on the left, or select an item and click the "Add" button. You may also remove items by double clicking an item from the list on the right, or selecting them on the right-side list and clicking the "Remove" button.
    2. Click the "Search Item" button to open another window where you can type a few letters of the item you want to add and click the "Search" button. Click the item you wish to add, and in the dialog box that opens, click the "Stay on Page" button to bring you back to the list.
      Note: If you wish to add multiple items from your results, select the "Add Another" checkbox before clicking an item so the window will remain open. For each item you add, click the "Stay on Page" button. When finished, click the "X" box located in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  8. Once satisfied with your list, click the "Save" button located in the upper left of the screen.

NOTE: When choosing a prep or product, all ingredients will be sent to the stores.

Stores will now automatically receive and install the recipe set once they log in or if using the Enterprise Recipe Set Widget can be instantly notified that a recipe set is avaialble and click to install.