How do I determine my product nutrition?

The "Synchronize Nutrition" function will calculate your recipe nutrition automatically based on item links and label entry. In some cases you may want to edit nutrition for a particular recipe if, for instance, you had an independent company determine values.

To Synchronize Nutrition:

  1. Choose the product you want to review nutrition for.
  2. Click "Ingredient Nutrition" on the product toolbar.
  3. Ingredient Nutrition – Displays the links of the ingredients, only when all ingredients are linked or calculated can the nutrition be calculated.
  4. Calculate Nutrition– Will calculate the nutritional analysis for this recipe.
  5. Nutrition – Click to view the nutritional analysis for the recipe.


In some rare instances, you may wish to enter your own recipe nutrition.

To Manually Override the Nutrition Amounts:

  1. Open the desired prep or product recipe.
  2. Choose "Ingredient Nutrition".
  3. To enter recipe nutrition manually, enter the amounts for each nutrient. Be sure to indicate the serving size.
    NOTE: Alternatively, click "Link To" (on toolbar) to see a listing of items and their nutrition. You may find your recipe listed; however, we recommend looking on a nutrition website to find your calculations or speak to a nutrition specialist.
  4. Click "Save".