How do I edit my recipe sets?

You may wish to update a recipe set that may hae been sent with the wrong configuration. As long as the set has not been installed at any of the stores, you can update and resave the recipe set. If it has, then simply change the configuration and create a new set.

How to Edit a Recipe Set

  1. Click "Recipe" from the menu bar and choose "Recipe Sets".
  2. All the recipe sets will be listed along with the number of stores that have downloaded and installed the recipe sets.
  3. To edit, click the recipe set you wish to modify, then click the "Edit" button when the recipe set opens or click "Edit" on the far right of the screen and then click the "Edit" button when the recipe set opens.
  4. Click the "Modify" button at hte top left of the screen, make your chanes, and click "Save".
    NOTE: If you have updated the recipe configuration, then be sure to click the "Update Installation Configuration" checkbox at the bottom left of the screen.