How do I enter an inventory count?

How to Enter an Inventory Count:

  1. Click "Count Inventory" (main menu toolbar)
  2. Create a new inventory.
  3. Choose the "View (Sort By) you wish to count (Location, Group, Category, or Custom).
  4. Enter the item counts into the appropriate columns (Purchase, Case, or Pak) as detailed below. Press "Enter" to move down one row or press "TAB" to move to the next count unit for that item.
  5. If you have indicated that you wanted to count "Prep/Batch" recipe items, they will appear on the worksheet in the locations that you chose when you created them. Prep items will have the Batch Unit as the Purchase Unit, the Batch Yield unit as the Split/Case unit and recipe unit as pak unit. Take this into consideration when entering prep counts.

    TIP: When entering counts, the case unit (middle column is usually used the most), enter the amounts or portions thereof. Partial counts can be entered as for example, 1.75 bottles, 0.5 box etc.
  6. Once you are satisfied that the counts are complete, click "Summarize Counts" (inventory toolbar). This will summarize and value all the data for each item to the reporting units that specified when you set up the item initially.
  7. The counts will be summarized into the "Inventory Summary" for you to review.
  8. Once you have reviewed the Inventory Summary, click "Finalize" to complete the inventory.

    Count Column Details
    Purchase Unit This is the Purchase Unit of the current pack size or pack sizes for the item (if multiple pack sizes have been included).
    Count Unit (Split Unit) This is the Split Case Unit for the current pack size that was established when the item was set up.
    Pak Unit This is the Pack Unit from the pack size for the current item.