How do I enter invoices?

To Enter a New Invoice:

  1. Click "Invoice" (main menu toolbar).
  2. The "Invoice Calendar View" will display and shows all invoices previously entered. Here you can double-click to open or search for an existing invoice.
  3. Click "New" (invoice calendar toolbar)
  4. Enter in "Taxes/Adjustments", "Request any Credits", and "Expenses" as required.
  5. Ensure that the invoice totals balance.
  6. Click "Save".

NOTE: To speed entry, and invoice template can be used.

Invoice Information Details

Select the supplier who the bill/credit is from. If the supplier is not listed, you will want to add them.

NOTE: When you select a supplier, the list on the left is populated with all the items and case sizes that you have set up for that supplier. Double-click on an item to add to the list on the right or drag and drop.

Invoice Date Select the date (stock received date) of the invoice from the drop-down box.

Invoice Number

Enter the supplier invoice/credit number. Check this carefully to ensure it is entered properly.
Invoice Total

Enter the total amount of the invoice including all charges (items, expenses, and taxes).

NOTE: This total is usually located at the bottom of the last page of the invoice.

Terms (OPTIONAL) This field will default to the number of days you indicated when setting up this supplier. If you do not wish to use this field, just TAB to the next one.
Due Date (calculated) This field is calculated by the program. This is the due date that the bill is to be paid on, which is dependent on the terms that are selected.
PO # - Purchase Order Number Enter a PO# if you use them. If you have imported your invoice from a pending order, the PO# will appear automatically.
Comments Enter any additional notes about the invoice/credit.