How do I enter nutrients?

The Nutrient Listing is a list of all nutrients that you'd like to track.

NOTE: Consult with your local government health office(s) to determine the best listing for your area.

NOTE: You can sort the nutrients listing by "Ascending" or "Descending" order by click on one of the following headers: "Tag", "Nutrient Description", "UOM (Units of Measure)", or "Active".

To search for a nutrient, click into the "Search Nutrient Descriptions" box.

To Edit or Add/Remove to Items, Preps, and Products:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Nutrition"
  3. Select "Nutrients"
  4. View or search for nutrients using the search function.
  5. Check the "Active" box for all nutrients you want to see in the "Item", "Prep", and "Product" modules. Uncheck the box to remove the nutrient(s) from the modules.
  6. You can edit the "Nutrient Description" of any/all nutrients.
  7. Click "Save"