How do I export invoices to my accounting software?

To export invoices to an accounting system, you must have set your accounting export configuration in "Accounting Preferences".

For most accounting systems, Optimum Control will only export purchases, but some can also export sales transactions. Most POS systems will export sales information to accounting directly, but for those who use the Optimum Control Sale Financial Summary, you can export those items.

To Export your Invoices to your Accounting Software:

  1. Select "Export Accounting Data" (main menu toolbar).
  2. The default view will show "non-exported" invoices.
  3. Choose the invoices you want to export
    NOTE: To select all invoices to export, choose "Check All" (located at the bottom of the window).
  4. Click "Export". The file will be automatically exported to the location specified in "Preferences".

To View the Files and Send to your Accounting Department:

  1. Click the folder icon (export accounting data toolbar).
  2. Select the file(s) to send.
  3. Email the file(s) to your accounting department or import the file to your accounting software.

NOTE: The files your export will be set as "Exported Status" with the date of the export registered. If you need to re-export a file, choose "Exported Invoices" from the filter drop-down and re-select the exported invoices and follow the steps to re-export.