How do I export orders to suppliers?

Once an order is created for a supplier, you can export it to a file. The order will now be ready for uploading to the supplier website.

NOTE: Be sure to configure the file to the proper export format for your supplier.

To Export an Order:

  1. Choose "Orders" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Highlight the previously created order from the list of pending orders.
  3. Click "Export" (order toolbar).
  4. The "File Location" window will appear asking where to save the file.
  5. Select a folder location.
  6. Click "Save".
  7. Leave Optimum Control and log into the supplier website.
  8. Click "Import Order".
  9. Choose the saved order file.

NOTE: Once the order is received, you can choose to "Receive Order" in the "Invoice" window.

When using the "Forecasted Order Sheet", most items will be calculated by a fraction of a case. View the amounts and decide whether you wish to order the amount or not (e.g. you may wish to skip ordering an item that is 0.001 cases). If you wish to order the item, you can click "Round to Case" to round each calculated amount up to the next case size.

If you have set items to "Request Bids", this will generate automatic emails or printed sheets for your suppliers. A template of the order will be created automatically. Once bids are received, you can retrieve this list by clicking on "Load Templates" and select "Best Bid Price". Optimum Control will select the supplier with the best price for each item.