How do I fix my pending sales errors?

To Fix Pending Sales Errors

  1. Click "Utility".
  2. Select "Pending Sales"
  3. Select the time period to show the pending sales (the smaller the time period the faster the list will load. You can also filter your results by clicking on the icon to the right of the "Go" button. Options include: Store (a listing of all your stores in Enterprise), Store Status (All, Unlinked, or Mismatched Description), or Enterprise Status (All, Unlinked, or Mismatched Description).
  4. The listing will show sales that did not process, sorted by store. Look at the status for the store to see if it's linked or mismatched.
  5. In the column to the right the "Enterprise Status" will be displayed. Unlinked in the Enterprise column means that there is no linked POS ID for that recipe. You will need to add a POS ID to an existing product or add a new product.

    Column Details
    POS ID The number from the product at the store level.
    POS Description The description of the sales item from the POS at store level.
    Department The sales department or revenue center.
    Sales Group The group that the item was sold under.
    Sold The number of units sold.
    Total The revenue received for this item.
    Store Status Whether unlinked or mismatched at store level.
    Enterprise Status Whether the product is unlinked or mismatched on the Enterprise site.

    NOTE: You must send a recipe set to the store level, with the flag to update POS ID set to "ON" for the POS ID to update. 

  6. Highlight the checkbox in the left column and use one of the 3 buttons above (Create New Product, Switch Description, Link to Existing Product) to correct the error.
  7. Repeat steps until the list is empty.
    Action Details
    Create a New Product Adds a new product to the Enterprise website.
    Switch Description Switches the POS description on the Enterprise website to match that of the store.
    Link to Existing Product Links the product to an existing product on the Enterprise website with BLANK POS ID. Only those products that have NO POS ID can be searched.
    Set for Export Once a product is linked on site using "Switch Description" or "Link to Existing", you can click the "Set for Export" button located in the upper right corner of the window to have it added to a recipe set.
    Refresh Button Refreshes list.
  8. Once completed, navigate to the "Recipe Set" screen to create/save a recipe set that includes the corrected products so they can be sent down to store level.