How do I manage guests for events?

In the Catering and Buffet windows, you will want to indicate the Guest (Cover Type) such as: Adult, Child, Senior, etc. to use in calculating the Sales Revenue.

To Add, Delete, or Edit Guests:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Setup"
  3. Select "Guests"
  4. Select an existing guest to edit or click "Delete". To create a new customer, click "Add".
  5. Enter the details as below.
  6. Click "Save"


    Field Details
    Description Enter a description for the Guest Type. If you do not have different types of covers (e.g. Adult, Child, Senior, etc.) then simply enter Cover or Guest.
    POS ID Enter a POS ID number. This feature allows you to specify which POS ID Optimum Control should IGNORE when importing sales from the POS.
    POS Description (OPTIONAL) Enter a POS description. As with Products, add in the description contained in the POS system for the above POS ID#, to make sure the link to the POS ID is correct for the item.
    Price Indicate the price normally charged for this guest type. You can edit this amount when entering the event, so you may want to add a generic number (e.g. $9.99) and adjust it for each event.

    *If you enter Catering and Buffet events into the POS system AND into Optimum Control, you will want to make sure that the event sales do not get entered twice. If the sale is already processed in Buffet or Catering, then it must be ignored from the POS when it is imported.